1. This is a personal blog, therefore it reflects my personal opinions and experiences, as well as information learned through personal research and outside a professional capacity.. I’m not a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker or life coach. I am not licensed in any capacity to give professional opinions or advice regarding your unique, specific life situation and circumstances. Please use your discernment and better judgement to use the information accessible to you through this blog. Narcissistic abuse is a serious matter and carries inherent potential danger. Your safety and the safety of your children or other people involved are a priority that takes precedence over any personal opinions or information found on this blog. Seek professional help or authorities if/when appropriate and/or needed. My sole intent with this blog is to share my own personal stories, perceptions and opinions, as well as to raise awareness on the risks and dangers involved in exchanges and relationships with people in the Cluster B category of the DSM5. Therefore, I stress the need for victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse, or anyone in a potentially risky or dangerous situation, to use discretion in making decisions and carrying out actions and behaviors derived from such decisions. I cannot be held responsible for your personal decisions and their respective consequences.
  2. Gender identification: I am a female who has had a personal experience with a male narcissist. Therefore, “the narcissist”, as a general entity or specific individual in the relaying of my personal story and circumstances, is often referred to as “he” or “him” for the sake of  facilitating narrative. Please note that “narcissists” can be male or female.
  3. Terminology used on this blog often refers to “unofficial” words and expressions of common usage by the community of people developing and delivering content about narcissistic abuse, to summarize and/or better express concepts and ideas of widespread recognition. Such terminology is, often times, intended as metaphorical. Expressions such as, but not limited to, “flying monkeys”, “final discard” and “smear campaign” are, therefore, symbolic. For the current list of terminology and respective meanings and explanations, please refer tho the Glossary.